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    10 Inexpensive designer crosses to gift this christmas

    10 Inexpensive designer crosses to gift this christmas

    Most of you are probably searching right now for a unique Christmas gift idea… and we all know how much people love an exquisite handcrafted gift. We have put together a collection of 10 exclusive designs of decorative wall crosses in wood & metal which are beautifully designed, available in various colors & vintage finishes and are being offered at promotional low prices! These crosses were part of our export collection and had adorned the shelves of large popular chain stores in the USA & Australia.

    1445 inclusive of all taxes

    1445 inclusive of all taxes

    1745 inclusive of all taxes

    1745 inclusive of all taxes

    745 inclusive of all taxes

    Choose as a single piece or buy multiple crosses in different designs & sizes to hang as a cluster in a living room or dining room or staircase wall. Creating a wall collage of crosses will bring warmth to your home that is hard to recreate in any other way. Showing your faith on a daily viewable façade also creates a daily enlightenment that will fulfil your soul every time you see it. Besides showing your love for the Lord, these beautiful crosses will liven up your home!

    2145 inclusive of all taxes

    2445 inclusive of all taxes

    1790 inclusive of all taxes

    1590 inclusive of all taxes

    1145 inclusive of all taxes

    So go ahead and gift one of our wall crosses to your loved ones this Christmas. 

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