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    10 Ways to revamp your home in one day, at an affordable budget!

    10 Ways to revamp your home in one day, at an affordable budget!

    Does your home look tired and needs a new look?

    Regardless of your reasons, it’s inevitable that at some point you’ll feel the necessity to revamp your home with new and inspiring decor ideas. Fortunately, there are quite a few ideas you can find on our website that will make a big difference while not costing you a fortune.


    If you’re ready to fall in love with your home all over again, consider these decorating hacks which you can complete in just one day, with us!


    We all want a warm welcoming entrance, don’t we! Use a modern console table with a co-ordinated mirror, a painting or a fine carved wall panel and accessorize it with fresh flowers, sculptures, photo frames or candle holders and some greenery to make an impressive entrance that can make anyone smile. Not to mention the positive aura it brings along.



    Placing photo frames on the wall and on tables add a personal touch to the room besides adding oodles of style & personality. They tell stories about the people who live there. Place a series of photo frames in different sizes on a long console table top or in combination with a candle holder and/or flowers on top of an end table or a drawer chest. For the wall, hang a collection of frames in different sizes making a smart pattern, above your bed, walkway passage or in your living room.  You can consider giving your photographs a modern look by changing your old frames with new & elegant styled frames like a frame on an easel, a self-standing buffalo horn frame, a mother of pearl frame, or a combo of photo shadow boxes.



    Bring the outdoors in by including potted plants as part of your decor. Certain plants like Palm, snake plant and spider plant not only give a room a lift, they also help detoxify the air and improve your health. Display your collection of exotic plants in decorative metal or ceramic planters and consider displaying them on a coffee table top, on floor, on a wall, on a modern plant table or plant stand and liven up your spaces.



    Lamps can be a principal feature of any space. Add floor and table lamps as functional and decorative elements to your living spaces. These take care of ambient lighting, accent lighting as well as task lighting thus enhancing their importance in any interior decor. Tall, slim floor lamps are perfect for adding height and elegance to a room and making a small room look larger. You can also consider replacing the existing shades of some of your lamps with designer lampshades. Try it – you’ll be surprised at what a difference this can make to the ambience of your room.



    Accessorizing the walls is an essential & excellent way to decorate your space. A statement wall is a killer way to make a major change without spending much time or effort. Just choose from amongst mirror frames, paintings, carved panels, accented shelves, candle sconce & votive holders, wall flower vases & planters, or shadow boxes to add depth & character to your rooms. Round mirrors are hot right now and work well with multiple design styles. You can artfully arrange a few floating shelves to showcase some of your favourite knick knacks, add a big piece of statement art, or create a chic and sophisticated gallery wall. Consider creating a beautiful background for these décor accessories by using wall paper or a textured paint finish on the walls.  And if you can’t repaint a whole room, consider painting an accent statement wall. Wall décor is that finishing element which makes your home décor look complete. So give it the due importance it deserves.



    Add throw pillows or a rug to uplift the space immediately. A carefully arranged combination of throw pillows, rugs and sofa fabric can add style & color and bring in sophistication to a neutral looking room. While rugs add warmth and definition to the spaces, throw pillows play an important transformative role in your living room. You can use different styles of cushions depending on the occasion, the season or your mood. If your space is feeling a little dull, consider adding a few pillows in vibrant colors & patterns.


    Distinctive accent tables can be a beautiful addition to just about any room or space, from entryways to living rooms to bedrooms to patio. Besides bringing oodles of style, these bring order and direction to a space. Nesting sets of tables should be an essential part of small spaces. Use a console table for an elegant welcoming entrance to your home. Coffee tables and end tables add function and style without overwhelming the space. Inspired Living offers a wide selection, so there is bound to be one for all tastes.


    Sculptures are amazing décor accessories that don’t need a lot of thinking about where to place them and at the same time they add value to the space. They provide a kind of completeness to any interior decor and have their own story to tell. If you have a boring corner in your home, consider placing a unique modern sculpture on a tall sleek curio table and see magic happening. Sculptures also look great placed on a console table or on a coffee table placed on a stack of books.


    Flowers are a great way to add color to your space besides enhancing its ambience. Coordinate colors of flowers with your space. If in doubt, just buy white colored flowers which look beautiful in any décor.  Get an elegant modern vase and just add a bouquet of fresh flowers, if you can manage them, and if not then artificial flowers are the way to go for a hassle free décor.



    It’s all about the tiny details at times that leave a significant impact on the space, be it a luxury chess set or a buffalo horn box placed on a coffee table or a vintage war helmet replica, table & floor vintage telescopes, a unique bookend…

    These accessories also speak volumes about the personality of the person who lives there.



    Accepted as the final and vital step of design, accessories play a vital role in making your home a heavenly place for one to live. It makes any room look finished, cohesive and well thought of.

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