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    Inspired Living

    Social Cause

    INSPIRED LIVING INC supports Navya Tarang Foundation (a registered NGO) and helps raise awareness about a social cause being pursued selflessly by them. This cause is close to our heart and we at Inspired Living believe in the dedication and leadership of Dr. Nidhi Chaudhary in bringing about a positive change for the underprivileged urban poor.


    Many women and children from disadvantaged groups in India die each year not due to incurable diseases but due to absence of access to free health services & limited social insurance coverage which leads to a high burden of out-of-pocket expenditure (OOP) in India. Further, a large proportion of urban poor initially access services from unqualified persons/quacks.</p> <p>We find these inequities in continued high rates of illness and mortality due to preventable causes amongst underprivileged groups, highly disturbing.


    NAVYA TARANG is a registered (Reg No: U85310CH2016NPL041186) not for profit organisation (NGO) which endeavors to ensure equitable access to quality health services for all and promote preventive healthcare for reducing preventable illness and deaths in children and mothers.

    This can be achieved by establishing a network of primary health care clinics for urban poor to reduce their out of pocket expenditure on health. This will be supplemented by outreach programs for school health and preventive family health package.


    Dr Nidhi Chaudhary is the founder & CEO of Navya Tarang Foundation. She is a qualified medical doctor (MBBS, DCH) working in the field of public health for the last 18 years. Dr. Chaudhary having worked with national and international NGOs and UN organisations (WHO and UNICEF), brings in a lot of experience of the health sector.

    Ar. Vidhi Chaudhary Bhatia assists in administrative work. She is an entrepreneur and Architect by profession and has been running her export and interiors business for the last 19 years.


    The first Tarang Clinic started its operations from October 1, 2016 at Ram Darbar – Industrial area, Phase 2, the largest urban poor settlement in Chandigarh (UT) with a population of nearly 40,000. The clinic runs a general OPD with two experienced doctors and two nurses. The consultation fee is approximately Rs. 70 for first visit (1 USD) and Rs. 40 for 2nd visit covering the same ailment. In addition to concessional consultation, medicines are provided at 20% discount while laboratory tests are done at a rate 30-40% lower than market rate. The clinic serves over 5000 patients annually.


    Free medical camps for adults and children separately are organized periodically. The children are assessed for common ailments, growth monitoring and provided free deworming and iron supplementation for preventing anemia.

    Besides other volunteers, a team from Inspired Living Inc provides a helping hand in organizing and conducting these free camps, besides assisting this foundation in finding donors for this noble cause.

    We also support school health program for children residing in slums. In partnership with Foodshala Foundation, we are supporting a health and nutrition program in one of the schools in a Gurgaon slum.


    You may connect with Navya Tarang Foundation through Inspired Living Inc or directly at:
    Dr Nidhi Chaudhary, Founder and CEO
    Navya Tarang Foundation
    Tarang clinic: Booth No 76, Phase 2, Ramdarbar, Chandigarh
    Mob: +91-75086 18482
    Whatsapp: +91-9988367576
    Facebook: @navyatarang
    Twitter: @navya_tarang

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