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    Top 10 Stylish planters, pot stands & tables to display your favorite plants

    Top 10 Stylish planters, pot stands & tables to display your favorite plants

    A unique handcrafted plant stand, plant table, and planter are a must-have artistic addition to the decor of those who love gardening and growing houseplants. Display your treasured collection of plants in style and perk up the ambiance of your space in minutes. Brighten up a dull corner in your living room, patio, front yard, or balcony by placing exotic potted plants on a set of equally exotic plant tables or stands displayed in a pattern, or choose from our varied collection of metal & ceramic planters to add a rich accent to your tabletops, wall, and floor.

    2245 inclusive of all taxes

    2245 inclusive of all taxes

    1545 inclusive of all taxes

    1445 inclusive of all taxes

    2545 inclusive of all taxes

    Not only do plants play a vital role in enhancing décor and providing a pleasant and tranquil environment to live in, they come with health benefits. We at Inspired Living encourage everybody to jump on board this trend for indoor and outdoor greenery and find space in our homes and offices for keeping potted plants like spider plant, snake plant, palms etc which help detoxify the air indoors.

    8900 inclusive of all taxes

    8900 inclusive of all taxes

    11000 inclusive of all taxes

    5445 inclusive of all taxes

    5500 inclusive of all taxes

    You will surely come up with novel ways of decorating your space with the diversity of plant accessories we offer at

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